Eyelash Extension - Twiggie Design Pro

Professional work requires professional tool

Handmade stainless steel tweezer with long, pointed tip. A professional tweezer for eyelash extentions, cosmetic use and depilate. Simply perfect for the delicate work of tweezing under the skin for ingrown hairs or removing splinters.

These tweezers allows an unproblematic picking up fine eyelashes. Thanks to the lightweight spring steel each eyelash can be gentle picked up and free of damage.
  • Antireflective material surface
  • Truely shaped for easy handling
  • Expanded fine precision finished grab jaw
  • Hand honed for an easy and precise grip
Thanks to the slightly longer design of the tweezers, the tweezers shoulder is fixed and sure on the back of the hand and can be ideal moved between index finger and thumb. It is characterized by a pleasant touch, even by the sustained pressure in the works the hand doesn't fatigued or cramped. Without these characteristic properties, it requires a lot more time, patience and energy during the treatment.

This precisely handmade tweezers is one of the best representors of the term "Made by ERLINDA" and can be sterilized in an autoclave or steri, making it always hygienic and sanitary.

A masterpiece of craftsmanship - with expertise and precision.

Article Code: 86 730
Feature: ground-in

Material: stainless
Tip: tower pointed

Lenght: 110 mm - 4½"
Weight: 37 g

Price: 14,25 EUR