Eyelash Extension - Twiggie

A lead product for eyelash extension professionals!

The fine, slim and ergonomically shaped tip provides a quick and easy separation of the natural lashes. The large and full-faced inner part of the grap pad ensures a perfect 2D or 3D eyelash application. Furthermore, there is a full-face take-up without much pressure and is ideally suited for the Hollywood technique.

The eyelashes are not squashed nor bent, but lie firmly fixed between the gripper plates. Therefore best suitable for a fast and precise application.
  • Anti-reflective surface
  • Secure grip and handling
  • Extremely large grab pads, hand-honed
  • Long grip for a maximum of comfort and ease of handling
  • Significantly reduced labor fatigue at work
  • Suitable for all techniques (as well as XD volumentechnic)
Ideal for filling and adjusting eyelashes.

Unproblematic disinfection in the autoclave or steri.

A master craftsmanship - with expertise and precision.

Article Code: 86 834
Feature: 20 mm grasp pad

Material: stainless
Tip: ergononic adapt

Lenght: 140 mm - 5½"
Weight: 29 g

Price: 19,75 EUR