Twiggie Design Pro - Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

Featherlight handmade stainless steel tweezer with super fine pointed tip. Design version with perforated handles guarantee a non-slip grip. A professional tweezer for cosmetic and naildesign. Ideal for removing ingrown hair, new groth, splinters, thorns and accessing hard-to-reach areas as well as to put on smallest artificial brilliants or precious stones on the nailsurface after lacking.
  • Truely shaped for easy handling
  • Super fine pointed tip
  • Hand honed for an easy and fixed grip due to the special lenth

Article Code: 86 930
Feature: Designversion

Material: stainless
Tip: pointed

Lenght: 120 mm - 4¾"
Weight: 20 g

Price: 16,50 EUR